Tour operator & more!

Tour operator & more!

Who we are?

We are a group of passionate guides, for whom it is a pleasure to show you our city and region! With our retro-style vehicles, we will take you on an unforgettable journey through the historic corners of Gdańsk.

Visit with us the most important attractions, monuments and historical places in the region, such as – Malbork, Stutthof, Hel Peninsula, Szymbark or Westerplatte.

We also offer a luxury yacht cruise, where you will forget about everyday life and enjoy the adventures.

All this is only part of what our company offers!
Write to us and plan your stay with us!

1 hour tour

Freedom Tour

Gdańsk in a nutshell. A trip to the recesses of the shipyards, the old town and The Hail Mountain. Our guides will take you on a journey through the most important monuments and attractions of the historic City of Gdańsk. How did Gdańsk become one of the most important commercial centers of contemporary Europe? How did the Gdańsk Shipyard become a square for fighting for freedom? Where is the best panorama of the city? You will learn all this on a trip with us.

Price list
Prices from 300 PLN

2 hour tour

Royal Tour

A comprehensive tour of historical places, but also those known only to the local community. It is a trip that combines a journey through the most important monuments and attractions of Gdańsk, but also allows you to delve into forgotten and omitted places in modern history. Bishop’s Hill and the Lower Town are districts that have lost their former glory, but a rich history is seeping through their walls. 100cznia and Elektryków Street are places known only to locals and that’s where you will get to know the real atmosphere of Gdańsk. You will see Marina Gdańsk with us and how the city will develop in the future. All this, of course, in conjunction with what you will see on the one-hour tour! Let us take your journey.

Price list
Prices from 300 PLN

We will take you to every point on the map below!

Places we will show you!

Private bus tours

You will visit the most important monuments, historical buildings and attractions of the region with us.
A guided tour who is also your private driver.

Price list
Prices from 300 PLN


Transfer from and to the airport

Prices from 100 PLN!

Boat tours

Trip on a luxury yacht around the bay and The Motlawa. We offer both our original routes and we are also completely at your disposal in terms of preferences.  Together with us you will see Gdańsk and the bay from an unforgettable perspective, and the sound of the waves and luxurious interior will allow you to forget about everyday life.

Prices from 1200 PLN!

Price list

See our prices.

1-2 Person – 300 PLN
3 People – 400 PLN
4 People – 500 PLN
5 People – 600 PLN
6 People – 700 PLN
7 People – 800 PLN

1-2 Person – 500 PLN
3 People – 700 PLN
4 People – 900 PLN
5 People – 1100 PLN
6 People – 1300 PLN
7 People – 1500 PLN

1-5 people – 500 PLN
6 people – 600 PLN
7 people – 700 PLN
8 people – 800 PLN

Trip time: 4-5h

1-5 people – 400 PLN
6 people – 500 PLN
7 people – 600 PLN
8 people – 700 PLN

Trip time: 3-4h

1-5 people – 1000 PLN
6 people – 1100 PLN
7 people – 1200 PLN
8 people – 1300 PLN

Trip time: 6-7h

1-5 people – 500 PLN
6 people – 600 PLN
7 people – 700 PLN
8 people – 800 PLN

Trip time: 3-4h

4 hour trip
1-5 people – 800 PLN
5-8 people – 1000 PLN

8 hour trip
1-5 people – 1400 PLN
5-8 people – 1600 PLN

1-5 people – 300 PLN
5-8 people – 400 PLN

Trip time: 2h

1-5 people – 500 PLN
6 people – 600 PLN
7 people – 700 PLN
8 people – 800 PLN

Trip time: 3-4h

12 people max.
1 hour – 1200 PLN
24 hour – 7000 PLN

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What do people say about us?

Konrad guide! He made us fall in love with the city of Gdańsk! He showed in an interesting perspective! Nooks! In a nutshell. And at the same time … – he tells very interesting! I definitely recommend it!

Franciszek Dominik

Great people, very nice atmosphere. Very professional guides. I recommend renting a boat from them, if you are lucky, the boss himself will be at the helm.

Marek Sztender

Sono ragazzi veramente competenti e disponibili. Comodissime le macchine. Ci sono stato un anno fa con mia moglie ed il tour per Danzica è stato veramente completo ed interessante.

Stefano Nps Italia


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